10 things you shouldn’t do on Valentines day.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Love is in the air.many people can’t wait for this day that falls on 14th February each year.its believed to be a special day to express ones love for another,showing feelings of love,affection and friendship.some chose to go out for romantic dinners,dates and some even chose to propose on this day.The expectations for this day are always high and its important to be aware of some things you ought to avoid if you want your valentines plans to be a success.

1.DON’T go out on a blind date on valentines.blind dates are usually not a good idea,9 out of ten goes home disappointed. on this day your odds are even’s gonna be a little awkward when you are surrounded by happy couples gazing into each others could be a lot of pressure for 2 people who have never met but are supposed to be a good match.

2.NEVER NEVER, never say things like”you’ll be so surprised” don’t build up their expectations because if you’ve been dating for a while, your partner could expect a proposal.

3.DON’T try to be expensive. nothing says valentines day like paying for dinner with coupons.if you’re temporarily broke,don’t force can make dinner at home together, sooo romantic. Save yourself from embarrassment on this day, its depressing.

4.DON’T bring in friends, don’t double matter how much you want your partner to meet your friends,leave the crew home.this one is all you.your partner might be your friend’s crush or prey,it might not turn out so well.

5.DON’T do per-game matter how nervous you are,don’t take a shot to loosen matter how convincingly a friend argues you to grab a cocktail before the date,don’t indulge in pre dinner drink,it might ruin the whole yourself.

6.DON’T talk about the past. steer clear off all not-so distant history like your exes, particularly last year’s valentines day.unless you are sitting with the same person.

7.DON’T get too close to other women/men.she/he may not show it but it will bother them and you will know it soon enough.its your day,give all the attention to him/her

8.Don’t cry.of laughter, of sadness, of frustration, anger,of happiness,of surprise or of joy.please just don’t cry.

9.DON’T dress in something you are not comfortable need to be free and comfortable during this moment.don’t try to impress by wearing something you’ve never tried might end up being a joke or an embarrassment and this could be so depressing.

10.DON’T think ignoring the day will eliminate responsibility.(1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 ). If you do,at best you might be forced to give up one who at one time thought you were pretty cool.

love can make us do crazy things. don’t screw up this valentines.Remember not to keep checking or stick glued on your phones when you’re out with your partner.Thank me later.

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