Jaramogi-Kampozone First years Mentorship Event Cancelled…

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Kampozones’ guidance and mentorship event on Saturday 17th to introduce Jaramogi University first years to Campus life has been Cancelled.

This comes as a result of the event approval to host the show in the Assembly Hall as earlier Planned by the University’s administration.

It was an event planned to kuchanua freshas and guide them to campus life.

Kampozone having had prepared surprise guest speakers celebrities Ala-C-Walking class and Mejja were forced to cancel out and postpone the event to a Future date.

All the same, kampozone continues to work together with Jooust Administration in cultivating good students culture in appretiating their own home grown artists and students in general.

Hoping to have a mega-show in future,  its with great pleasure do kampozone welcome the 2016 first years cohort into the University.

We also wish to acknowledge Jaramogi Entertainment Director Mr.Kennedy Omondi (K-Bliss), publication Director Mr. Milton Mwanzia and Health & Catering Director Mr.  Billy Juma for their efforts to try and make the event a success.

Kampozone now looks forward to the Masquarade Party event held at Kings Club on 8th October.  dsc_0469

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