14 years

Susan Adeka
Written by Susan Adeka
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Incidents weaved into a rope tied on my neck
Small bits of poison slowly entering my nerves
I see a grotesque parody of heaven everywhere I look
The haemoglobin in my cells numbed
My heart hemorrhaging
I can’t feel myself

Fourteen years all crumpled
All left is life tumbling down
Walls all dark grey that’s what my eyes see
Echoes louder than my own voice

A marriage I held on to so tight
Vows never once did I break them
Holding in heart that we’ll grow old to pass down history
That we’ll only be brought apart by death
Well the vow ’till death do us part’ was upheld, but is this how it usually ends

So many detours
All hidden in your enigmatic smile
All you cared about was winning the pot
Not once did you care of who puts the chips in it
Now I think if I scratch the topsoil
Your bones will be among those who died from instincts to mate

Marriages broken
Young hearts lost meaning of Love
All for what you did
Sold your soul to addiction
Going around with every Tom Dick and Harry

I’m left with fresh wounds to bind
Still trying to bandage the damage
Our three kids shocked of the events unveiling in their minds

You died a celebrity
Your name keeping the lips of neighbors moving
Big screens with your beautiful face on it
Beside it another picture of blood sputtered from the bullets in your head
It was all a guile
For Fourteen years

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Susan Adeka

Susan Adeka

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