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2018/2019 Interns – Could be the lucky Cohort if the Jubilee Wins August Elections

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The Jubilee Party Manifesto outline the party agenda for Kenya for the next five years. Jubilee Manifesto places emphasis on food security, better and affordable healthcare and improved security but also highlights 2 points that could prove significant to University and technical institutions students.

The General Jubilee agenda were listed below but its point number 2, is the one that excites the students the most.

If Re-Elected the Jubilee Government Will

  1. Create 1.3 Million jobs every year and work with county governments to establish at least one industry in every county.
  2. Establish a government sponsored apprenticeship programme of up to 12 months for all university and TVET graduates.
  3. Double the number of vulnerable citizens supported through the cash transfer programme (Inua Jamii) from 700,000 to 1,400,000. This will include all citizens above the age of 70; in addition, all citizens above the age of 70 will obtain health insurance cover through the NHIF.
  4. Expand the free primary school programme to now include free day public secondary schools in Kenya.
  5. Facilitate mass housing production of at least 500,000 affordable homes in 5 years across the country by working in partnership with financial institutions, private developers, manufacturers of building materials and cooperatives to deliver houses faster and reduce the cost of construction by at least 50%.
  6. Expand free maternity care to include government funded NHIF cover for every expectant mother for one year.
  7. Ensure every citizen is connected to reliable and affordable electricity (on or off-grid) by 2020.
  8. To expand food and agricultural production, double the fertilizer subsidy initiative, reducing the cost to farmers to less than Ksh1,500. Expand the programme to include all crops with a resultant increase in production and support the expansion and capacity of local fertilizer manufacture.
  9. Complete the 57-large-scale dam construction programme, support small-holder agricultural irrigation and with the private sector to enhance food and agricultural production on at least 1.2 million acres.
  10. Make government more transparent and accountable through the digitization of all government procurement; expand and deliver e-government services through the growing network of Huduma Centers.

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  1. To expand on the point number 2. This actually means that the Kenyan economy will have to work with the best Brains as the Free sponsored labor as their interns. The president Categorically stated that his Government will offer around ksh.13,500 for every intern.
  2.  Also, Helb has been allocated Sh10 billion in the next financial year which begins on July 1, meaning the promised spending can only come in 2018-2019. “Double the funds available under Helb to provide loans and bursaries for TVET and university students,” says Jubilee Party in its list of promises for the education sector. Raising Helb’s allocation could have huge ramifications for higher learning as many children from poor family backgrounds are unable to get university or technical training. Kenya has about 600 accredited colleges that absorb most of the students who have sat the Form Four exams and are eligible to seek funding from Helb.


Nevertheless…Your Vote Your Choice.  lets Maintain Peace as we approach the General Elections.

God bless us, God bless Kenya

(However,Kampozone does not endorse any Candidate politically)

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