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3 Kenyan Made apps You Need

Written by Jaymo YoungGee
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There are apps that are purely made

just to entertain you, and others well,

they could very well save your life.

Living in a fast-paced city, these apps

could be difference between a day

waste and an afternoon well spent.

Here is a list of Kenyan-made apps

that are invaluable for anyone living in

the city.

  1. Ma3Route

Nairobi is synonymous with traffic. As

one of Africa’s largest cities, the

congestion is often at astronomical

proportions. For anyone who travels by

road and is dependent on public or

private transportation, this app is

essential. The app not only shares

traffick updates, it also offers driving

reports and offers directions.


2. Olalashe

Described as “a brotherly geo-alert

tracking system that enables you to

communicate your location in times of

distress,” according to Buzz Kenya .

Olalashe could be the one app that

ensures one’s security at all times.

With the ability to send your location

to a group of pre-selected emergency

contacts, the application could see one

rescued from a tricky situation with the

click of a button. This app is currently

unavailable on Google Play store, it is

unconfirmed when it will available to

the public.


3. mDaktari

This app has revolutionized healthcare.

Launched in 2017, the app allows users

to consult with doctors online via their

smartphones. Users can also receive

prescriptions that can be filled at any

local pharmacy as well as receive test

results and referrals. The application

eliminates the trouble of waiting in line

at doctor’s offices and eases access to

medical care.

With many other Kenyan applications

still in development, we can’t wait to see what brilliant ideas our Kenyan Developers have in store.

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