3 Things A JOOUST Student Should Know Before The September Semester.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Three things you should do.

First things first,the holiday has been long with lots of events and happenings and  for the fourth years who have been on their attachment practice there’s been so much to learn away from school but then knowing what being on campus means plus the campus vibe and energy surely many must be craving for another semester of positive energy,mad fun,lessons and achievements.
Yes,it feels so good that you are going to meet that best friend,girlfriend/boyfriend,crush,classmate or crime mate you haven’t seen in a long time and you are just so exited. You’re looking forward to those life changing parties,(you just never know when your life will take a new direction ) those school dances and the many events you can’t wait to join your friends in. It’s awesome so awesome that sometimes you just don’t see the good in it and forget that there’s someone an opposite version of you who want to share the same space. Do you even ever think that what you’re working  for might not be the same thing your next door neighbor or your very best friend is working so had for?
Well if it isn’t too much, it should occur to you that  Every time you get into the gates of an institution you enter into a world full of diversities and as you look forward to a new semester back in Jooust,why not remember this three?

1. Freshmen.
The anticipated freshmen are to begin their University education come 11th September. Anticipated for-who doesn’t want to move a step higher and be a senior to their junior especially when you know how it feels to be a junior in a place where you ought to be a senior? well,the second years must know how it feels to no longer be a freshman and I know you feel it too..you surely must go through it. Our tamed “mafisi”  are also in wait,their nets spread out and on good watch, who knows what they might hunt? and so anxiously they wait for their hunt. Truth is, things might not be the very same or be as you anticipate but that I bet is normal. The fresh men are in a new environment,a different level of their study,they’re from places where their freedom had been so limited and they’re just getting into their much  longed for freedom and will therefore be so much into experimenting and learning. You should expect to find them everywhere because they will be everywhere and may need guidance here and there and you might find this annoying or a hindrance to your ‘lifestyle’ and  it’s why you need to be ready. You’ll be needed to be patient enough with them,allow them experiment and learn all they want because it’s their time and surely just like you during your time,they’ll need some humble time in finding and familiarising themselves in their new place. Well,not every freshman will seem new and lost,you’ll experience new slay queens who might slay than you slay,the no nonesense type and the type that’ll want to take over and guide you around,keep your calm it’s their time and you had yours and like your sister or brother,they will be now. Trying to fit into a new world,imitating and conforming to the university ways might be hectic to the freshmen but it shouldn’t be to you,stick to your lane. Some of them will  begin to nature their dreams into realities : celebrities ,socialites and diva dreams might be on display  and whether you  find it too much to sit and watch or to good that you wanna be their mentors remember they are freshmen just like any other person was,good or bad they’ll need their space. While you will be discouraged to take advantage of them in whichever way because they are  of course still young with hot blood and good energy that might drive you crazy or make you question your sanity,you also might want to remember that your long searched rib and that ‘for better for worse’ partner could be in this new set of freshmen and so you’ll need to tread carefully. So as I had said,things might not be the same so relax,take a deep breath and prepare for a new semester with the freshmen.

2. Political divide.
Different colors one people.
We all know that the air around us is full of politics which is such a good democratic act and right. Fortunately or  unfortunately y’all have been home during the peak of this political season. You are of course allowed to have your view of the political divide,support whoever you want to and side with whichever party you are comfortable with because that’s your Democratic right.You might have your favourite win or lose and whatever feelings and views you have towards it should be personal,Why? earlier said, the university is a world of diversities and not everyone has your set of thinking. We’re different colors but one people so keep your cool because  the last thing the university wants is a divided institution in the name of  parties,tribes or races or a bloody ground fuelled by enmity and hate. If anything,you need to remember that comrades power is a voice of the comrades- oneness and unity. It’s important and you’ll agree with me that comrades power on a divided ground is no longer comrades power. Your brother/sister and your neighbor should remain a friend regardless of his/her political view,it’s their right just as it is your right and you therefore don’t have to let your political view be a hindrance to the calm and peaceful environment of your study and every ones, after all it’s studies that got y’all together and there’s no pain in keeping your calm.

3. Fourth years, It’s your fourth year.
I don’t know about your journey but I’m sure when I say that if it’s your fourth year then this is a journey towards the end. Your Four year journey, hard or easy must have gotten you a good life experience which should be well natured because you are so close to the end and you might need them tomorrow for your breakthrough. You’ve had your piece of fun which you still will have and given a chance you might want to do it all over again but then your tomorrow is coming so fast and expecting so much from you. I don’t know what you think but I think it’s time you kept to your clock. Time is a friend to only a few  but a master to all and if you’re wide eyed you’ll realize how fast time has flown and the little time you’re left with.Invest into your time and If you’re wise enough spend it well. You’ve wanted to do it for along time? do it. Go for that  business investment you’ve so been yearning to try,get into that project you so believe you can do perfectly well,that dream that’s been on the bottom of the list bring it to the top,build that relationship you’ve fought for and all said and done have the fun of your life.Like you’ll never have this chance again,live like it’s your last for the best and fight for whatever is worth a fight. Build your memories,take in your lessons and be so ready for your tomorrow because the world is waiting to take you in.Your beginning may not matter but your ending does..Finish well.

I feel like it’s been preaching but I believe the sermon got home. So as you prepare to get in for the September semester remember to be so so ready.

KAMPOZONE hereby wishes you a wonderful,peaceful,adventurous, successful and a like no other   September-December semester.
#Make it work.

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