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Everyone who has dealt with stretch marks knows how hard it is to get rid of them.You can try everything from creams to herbs but still… nothing.

You wanna try that cute push up bra you saw in the lingerie shop but can’t because the stretch marks are on your breasts? wanna wear that crop top but can’t because they are on your stomach? no bikini coz they are on the thighs,buttocks,elbow?…sigh

First what are stretch marks?This are ugly dark coloured or red stripes occurring on the skin…number one point why you can’t easily get rid of them,they occur on the dermis,the inner part of the skin.

They are caused by
rapid loss or weight gain
hereditary factors.

Well here are 9 natural ways to deal with them.

Taking 8_10 glasses of water daily. What better way to attack a problem than from the inside?

2.Aloe Vera
Known for its medicinal properties, rub on the stretch marks ,leave for 15 minutes then rinse.

Make a paste using turmeric, water and oil.Apply twice a day.

Slice a potato,rub on the stretch marks,wash with lukewarm water

5.Natural white sugar

Mix with almond oil and drops of lemon after a shower. Apply for a month.

6.Olive oil
Massage lukewarm olive oil on the marks.Leave for an hour or so.Apply twice daily.

7.Lemon Juice
Apply lemon juice on the stretch marks, leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Mash apricots and apply, leave for 15 minutes.

9.Castor oil
Massage castor oil for 10 minutes, cover with a cotton cloth soaked in hot water.Leave for 30 minutes. Apply for a month for best results.

Don’t give up hope when they don’t disappear after a few weeks, they take time.

Don’t be disappointed when they don’t disappear completely. Not even laser surgery can make them disappear forever.

It is easier to remove new stretch marks,the old stretch marks are harder to deal with.
Best wishes.

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