9 Reasons Why University Ladies Need to “Love Themselves”

Written by Evans Chumba
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It’s an unfortunate reality that many varsity ladies forget to love themselves. There are many benefits to loving yourself so it comes as a shock that women are hesitant to show themselves love or forget to do so. If you’re curious and down to get down, let us school you on the benefits of petting your cat on the regular.


1. Its healthy


It cleanses the body of bad bacteria, helps strengthen your pelvic floor and boosts you immune system. Masturbation can do pretty much everything except my laundry and cure cancer.


2. Sleeeeeeeeep


Spain, Mallorca, Naked woman sleeping on bed

Masturbation releases endorphins that help lower your blood pressure and ultimately help you ease into a state of relaxation.


3. Bye bye, menstrual cramps

(eneo la uhalifu)


The chemicals released by the brain during masturbation help relax your muscles, including the muscles that make you want to punch a wall during your period.

4. You learn what you like



You also learn what you don’t like, and that’s going to help you help your partner help you orgasm. Everyone wins.

5. Because you’re an JOOUST woman


Aside from being a woman in a patriarchal world, and being a “JOOUSTIAN” in a Orientalist world, you’re A jooustian woman; and that shit is stressful as f*ck. Masturbation has been scientifically proven to relieve stress.


6. It boosts your self-esteem

(uboreshaji wa kujitegemea)

When you masturbate, your brain releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical that induces a sense of pleasure. When you feel good, all is right in the world of you. Who doesn’t love being mentally and emotionally healthy?

7. it’s a party of one

(siku mzima)


The best part about masturbating is that it only requires you, yourself and your hand (or a toy). You don’t need a man (or woman) to get off and get the job done.

8. It gives you good vibes (literally)


Once you get the gist of it, you can give yourself orgasms, and sometimes multiple orgasms #goals. The more frequently you masturbate, the easier it becomes to achieve climax, with or without a partner.

9. It feels f*cking amazing

(Na ni ukweli,,,,,,)

Explanation totally unnecessary


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