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Are these gambling coin machines tearing comrades pockets? The highest pitch of information dripping our ears confirms that 90% of comrades must have encountered this miracle of betting. Not only on sportpesa but a devolved betting company staged at every corner of the bodaboda shed or just around the shops in every village.coin-operated-mini-slot-machine-popular-in-ghana-and-uganda

This comes with high risk of profit speculation with just 10 or 20 bob depending on the slot. This is nice for hobby. On others its an investment project which ends up building their financial boreholes.

Yesterday a first year comrade from Runda got his day painted with debts after  a failed gambling success. It is said that the first year who had come to fuel his tank in one of the vibandas around the school got an illusion of trying the game. All what he didn’t know was the aftermath of the game.

He stood up right at the box with his close friends chest thumping how they would swindle the whole coins from the trick master. One by one, he fished his first coin and slit it through the machine. This time he didnt make it. He decided to punch the machine with another coin thinking that it would gallop out the coins.

This happened until he borrowed money from his classmates whom he met on the way promising to refund the cash as soon as he collects the profit from the machine. It continued in the same rhythm as he pushed all the approximate 500bob through the machine.

When the last coin got stuck with all the profits in the machine,  he had to puff  his breath out and concentrate through the slit. All he could hear was the sweet played Chinese songs from the machine. In disbelief he turned back only to realize that his friends were waiting for the big win.

Hell broke its walls when he tried to slither through them moving towards Bondo hostels. He had a rough time to convince his friends because they had not eaten and that he was to refund their money. This took up another lane as they frogmarched him to his room. They threatened to sell his shoes only to find that he had been serving his roommate with the same cocktail of lies about the betting machine.

It is said that he has been swimming in a pool of debts denying him freedom of movement since his creditors were on his neck. At long last the drama ended up on a sympathy plateau where he was let to fetch the money and never try to play that game.

This is just but the life constrain a gambler goes through. You might want to invest and gain more profit in seconds. Try it at your own free time as a hobby. Otherwise the wrath of shame can wrap your image especially when you like sharing a duo with talkative friends around the campus.

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