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A Golden Key Message To The “Fresh” Minds!

Kelvin Arap
Written by Kelvin Arap
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Dear Freshers, University is not High School!

I attended Agoro Sare High School in Oyugis, Homabay County. A school of definite champions; a school where boys were whipped with  “Nyahunyo” till they become men. We had a system where, after every exam period, the entire school would converge at the assembly hall and the top 10 students in each class would be called forward and awarded. However, the bottom 10 would also be called forward and made fun of_ We called it “jogging“. It sounds mean, because it was, but it did the trick just fine; you were called among the bottom ten once and you would work your butt off the next term not to appear anywhere near it.

There was this kid about a class or two behind me who kept topping his class, term after term. For the sake of this piece, we’ll call him Dawson. Dawson was one of the brightest folk I ever met. Normal students become position one this term , slack then next and become position ten. But not Dawson; I never once saw him come any position  other then the first.

Fast forward, he was admitted to the same university I am: JOOUST, the Oasis Of Knowledge. I ran into him at the students’ center and bought him a plate of chapati-madondo while we had some small talk. He told me about how he would  extend his “winning” streak.

He expected to keep topping his class but he was disappointed that he wasn’t. He complained of some chap in his class who kept getting 30/30 in calculus tests while he barely managed 11. I told him that chap was him in high school; and the way he felt about him now was exactly how his classmates felt about him back then.

See, dear freshers, here’s the thing about campus; If you used to top your class in high school, put it behind you. If you were  your school’s ‘coolest kid’, put that behind you as well. If you were the most famous person in your school or the most talented or the best looking. all that is behind you now.

Put everything about  the high school chapter behind you and open an entirely new chapter. This is a different ground; a more dangerous one, one with no rules. You will meet thousands of people here, most of them smarter and better looking than you are. And it will bother you, but don’t let it get to you. Because this is campus, things are no always going to go your way here, get used to it. “Don’t be a cry baby, toughen up and get with the program.”


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Kelvin Arap

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