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Dear Freshmen.

Forgive me if you find the title freshmen offending but I bet it’s much better than the common ‘freshaz’ that you’re going to be addressed as throughout your first year. I should have started by congratulating you, again forgive me.
CONGRATULATIONS! You finally graduated high school and you are just embarking on the best four years of your life and I’m completely being honest when I say the best years of your life. you’re now about to walk on a new path in life and whether prepared or not it’s here with you. You must be wondering what to expect for the next four years of Campus and although you might assume you know what you are getting yourself into, the truth is you have no idea.
First; no one at the campus hates you. You might hear things like “stupid fresha, confused freshaz” believe me, we all have been that stupid freshman and truth is everyone loves you and have been eagerly waiting for your arrival so don’t fear, relax and feel at home.
I know the fear, excitement and the anxiety of being in a new environment must be overwhelming. Anticipating your first day of class is scary, but there’s nothing better than that. You’re going to meet new people every day, your parents aren’t around to boss you around and you are now free to make your own choices and make up your own schedule. It’s amazing and before you know it it’ll be over and you’ll soon be getting ready for your senior year of campus and you’ll wish to go back and do it all over again. So my share of advise; live your freshman year to the fullest because you don’t get to redo.
See a club or sport that looks cool? Join it. Want to take a class that has nothing to do with your main course? Do it. Want to be in a play? Audition for it. Don’t like your main course as you thought you would? Change it. The point is, you never know until you try, break out of your comfort zone and live all you want. Campus is truly what you make it and your freshman year is the building block for the next few years and it’s therefore upon you to shape the future.
If I were to go back, I would have loved someone to tell me some things I think I should have known before getting into campus and although I’ve had my share of lessons I believe a little briefing will do no harm especially you that has got instincts issues, so listen and listen good. Important matters first, no one forces you to go to class but that isn’t a reason not to go. Missing classes can really set you back and remember you’re paying tones of money for those classes. Campus is not as easy as high school and you’re not going to be punished for not going to that night party or staying in your room on Friday nights to do your assignments, so STUDY and STUDY.
Expect to feel overwhelmed, you’ve been hearing about campus and here you’re now. Campus can be one of the best times of your life but it can also be one of the most difficult. New friends, new home, classes, new routine can be so exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You might experience feelings of sadness and loneliness as you might feel homesick and want some time for yourself. Don’t worry because that’s normal and you won’t need to answer to anyone about how you feel and before you even know it you’ll be feeling so at home.
Now, you may have never had to share a room with someone before let alone a perfect stranger. living with others can be so challenging. you may have the expectation that your roommate is going to be your best friend, that doesn’t always happen so don’t be disappointed if you guys don’t become close as you had hoped. You’ll make so many other amazing friends.
She’s gorgeous or he is so handsome that everyone in your room is talking about? That senior is already hitting on you and is now treating you like a real queen? You’re already in love with her butt and you just can’t help it? well, you might need some good time to make friends and adjust to campus rather than rushing into a relationship with that upperclassman or that slay queen you hardly know. Campus can be magical and however small the place might seem, you might never see him after that one night stand. Heartbreaks are real and you don’t wanna start your campus year with a broken heart or a shady soul, it’s awful and remember it’s okay to say no.
Campus is exiting but don’t expect to play varsity the right way the moment you get there, your time will come so take everything slow and as much you may want to explore, listen to your parents because sometimes they actually know what they’re talking about and your seniors may be right too when they tell you not do this or that, they’ve been there before but if you prefer experience as the best teacher then the field is all yours.
Lastly, no one is going to control or guide you on how to use your funds and here is why you need your ears wide. Things on campus turns out to be better than fine. Trends, fashion, parties, friends, good food and lots of drinks are just but a few things you might not want to miss out on but you need to know that your bank account will never be the same as every ones and so its upon you, your survival in campus depends on how well you can control that. Ladies, slaying could be your norm, slay it the right way..Sponsors ni real,Ukimwi ni real na abortion ni sin.
I said this gonna be long but I’m thinking some things are good when you find out for yourself. You don’t have to be afraid, everything is going to be okay. Take comfort in knowing that every freshman around you is just nervous and trying to find their place as you. All said, don’t ever forget to have the fun of your life because like I said, you never get to redo.
Breath in, breath out, welcome to campus..Make it work.

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