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A SHOW OF MASSIVE SUPPORT. Just three days before the second hearing of the case of Jack Omollo Ouma

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Just three days before the second hearing of the case of Jack Omollo Ouma by the Bondo law courts, his supporters came out in a strong show of solidarity for their jailed comrade.

Jack who is still in prison for allegedly stealing property from his employer should be a proud man right now, despite bring in prison, for today was a reminder to him and all that he really does have loyal friends.

The rally, famously dabbed as the mega rally, was held today, seeing a procession of cars,students and motorbikes from Bondo town to the campus grounds where the candidates got an opportunity to woo the crowd with their carefully crafted manifestos on things they promise to do should they be elected on the 28th.

On a show of solidarity for Jack, his supporters carried around his banner and several posters showing that he was instead still on the race for the Sajooust presidency.

His supporters on several occasions vehemently denied the charges levied against him claiming that he is indeed a good man and not a criminal. They then urged his supporters to vote for him come election day as he was the most liable candidate for the post, stating that there was no one better. His contest for the seat is still infallible.img_20161024_233242_682

His supporters also urged everyone to maintain peace during the election, a reminder of the previous year strike that adversely affected both the students and the administration.

Much is yet to be said on the case against him but we do wish him all the luck in the world. He does need it.

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