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Is it alcohol or excessive intake of bhang, no one knows.

A female student escaped the claws of death after receiving a severe beating from a male student of the same institution who claimed that the victim had refused to be his girlfriend

This incident happened last weekend at night when this second year female student decided to exchange houses and ended up being this man’s next door neighbour who took the chance to go to her house and beat her up with a reason that she will bring other men to her house and subject him to  mental torture and jealous.

This female student was rescued from being stabbed on the neck with her own knife by a friend and neighbour who had gone to her house to pick her clothes. she had unsuspectedly entered the house and was greeted by this disturbing incident. Her shocked screams alerted the neighbours who came to this students rescue while the man escaped.

The case is yet to be confirmed whether it has been reported to the university administration. However, whatever step is taken, I only hope that justice will be granted to this second year female student. No one should be assulted in their own house and especially not for a baseless reason as this one.


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