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Today, June 23rd 2017, in the hilly village of Urru, Mbaranga Location, Tigania East district, Meru county, a young soul was laid to rest. A young man, perhaps too young to die in our opinions, but one deemed by the creator as too old to live.
The mood was sombre, you could tell even by the environment. The weather was calm, and the blue sky was cloudless. The sun shone brightly, as if to make the obvious clearer that a dependable son of mbaranga had fallen. The birds today didn’t sing their melodies, Even the notorious children who can’t cease crying were quiet today. Nature seemed to understand the gravity of the issue, and duly obliged in mourning the young man.

Women wept silently, their cheeks in their palms. Men just sat silently, eyes set on the far horizons, trying to understand why death had claimed Tembe at the prime of his youth. Comrades too sat, heads bowed, their faces a mixture of disbelief and grief. Other agemates of the fallen lad stood, hands across their chest and mourned their brother on the final chapter of his short, yet glorious life. Even a blind man could tell, a fine lovable young man had departed.
By the time Andrew’s body was laid to rest, a lot had been said, all positive tribute to the fallen son of Ezekiah. Then comrades took charge. Their own would not be buried by another person/party. The echo of their ‘comrades power’ cry could be heard all the way from the sparse Karama market. They carried their own to his grave, carefully and tearfully laid him down, and patiently waited for the clergy to finish his job.
I’d not be lying if I say that no one else touched a spade bar the Jooust students. Tired as they were from the long gruelling journey from Siaya to Meru, they saved their best energy for the last. Comrades power at its best, in a matter of minutes, the unforgiving brown earth covered what remained of their humble, hardworking schoolmate.
He lived a good life, anyone could tell. If indeed unity can bring someone back, Tembe would be with us today. Farewell brother, Sleep well Andrew. We will never forget you.

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