Absence in affection

Written by Jaymo YoungGee
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Rumours that were true and factual to the crowd went to my ears but the works of brain tremendously opposed this to be a mega lie.
The feeling that my hubby wasn’t of my trait
The emotional disgrace that i can’t live with her.
Truly i loved but by time i got out of interest but i had a problem of how i was to inform her.
Should i ignore her? Should i block her?
Should i let it be obscure?
Im in search of the insight of how she may beware. It ain’t a miracle people crush fall in love but even nature separates those that their’s was a relationship that was adamantine to come to an end.
Ill let her be my ex lemi hurt by the truth pretending to be with her bt my mind is out of her pitch… Out of her peach…
But why can’t i force myself to glow her environment
Why can’t i stop to false myself that we are in a fruitful engagement.
She loves me, am sure she does
She’s caring true to her words she gave a convince to her parents to have a say to me when i wasn’t even in nausea.
She was confident to be the world’s anchor updating her status to show concern….
For i am given true love but i lender insufficient feeling of affection.
I feel neglected and yet we’ve not met our ash ends
I feel lonely when she’s there
Im in her love
She’s out of my mind
But the bizarre news still will exist in me.
Ill hurt when it happens……….
In studies am the topic
“u know what dear friend? Got a boyfriend, romantic, so good, full of taste, caring, a jester i hardly get bored, a man of understanding, a man of attention…….. ” her words
Yees i do this. Am a gentle man but less in affectionate
Yees am a romantic kisser
But i do it coz i love it
She neither knows i can take it from either side…
Yees am understanding
But i precisely do to disharm her young heart…
I want to get off her
I Have no way, no route
Ill stick to this
Out of SIGHT out of………..
Am going to hide
She ought to overlook these in disremembrance…….

Written by YoungGee Kenya

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