Adapt or Go Extinct: Boychild’s Roadmap

Wilson Muriuki
Written by Wilson Muriuki
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She is the lioness that hunts. She is
the most powerful chess piece. She
ain’t the root of evil but a great
schemer. Talk of Victorian Age and
brands such as Victoria Secrets will do
the talk on what she can do. She has
won her freedom but she is branded
#madam boss, #miss independent
and #slayqueen but she is a force
now, her magnitude we can’t control.
Hail the modern empowered woman
that’s defining dominance and power.
Before you hate her Mr. Boychild,
trace her sources of empowerment

Have you ever conducted a survey to
know how many ladies are employed
by the international brands that open
shop in Kenya compared to men?
Well, you haven’t. Make it your PHD
(Pull Her Down) thesis. Let me help
you a bit: if it’s a textile company, she
is the sewer, if it’s an eatery; she is the
waiter, if it’s an engineering firm, and
she is the brains behind the menial
work done in the field.

Why is the boychild stuck in the old-
fashioned ways of doing things? It’s
because he is ignorant to change and
technological advances. Show me a
man who can paint or play a wall
manually and I will tell you of a
woman who uses a paint spray and
concrete gun. Show me a man who
digs trenches with a hoe and I will tell
you of a woman who has a powered
drill thrice as efficient. Show me a man
who does secretarial and accountancy
and I will tell you of a woman who’s a
pro in Accountancy software and uses
virtual assistants.

Rural to urban migration
Am no zoologist to affirm that most of
the wildbeasts left a Masai Mara breed
more than those migrating to
Serengeti and back. That girl that went
to the city to work as a salonist is
better than that graduate boy left at
the village. Why? He will probably
outsmart a village girl and swoosh!!A
child is born and he is a premature
father. The city salonist is busy
working all day and tired for night
romps because she is trying to adapt
to the city life. Her survival matters a
lot and within no time, she is running
multiple salons.
She is empowered by our necessities
so we can’t pull her down. Instead, it’s
time you adapted Mr.Boychild or you
too like dinosaurs, will go extinct.

About the author

Wilson Muriuki

Wilson Muriuki

I write for fun :)
When I grow up, I want to be a chef
so that my writing style will be my
signature dish.,Santa, I got two
more wishes left!!

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