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Esther Ogina
Written by Esther Ogina
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Restless pill

Pour me a drink

To quench a thirst,

Of a love divine,

Make me a mountain fragment,

Make me a sightless depth

Of the emotion growing,

that will feel my puzzle right,

Fit in just tight,

Let me be the angel in your world,

To witness thy manifestations of manly bearings

The flex of thy flesh

Provoking deep thrust of lust that sturbs the reality of my being,

Drowning in a stinky pool of guilt and humiliation,

Fidelity wrapped off,

In a commotion of explosive emotions.

Heat depriving comfort of nagging ejections.

Then the drunk succumbs to the heavy cup of lust.

About the author

Esther Ogina

Esther Ogina

A speck of gold
Is a burst of cold
Desires and wants that drys out wisdom

But with Essy essence be sure to stay calm

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