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ALARMING! Lesbianism In Jaramogi Hits a Rise.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Lesbianism hits a rise in Jooust!.

News of Lesbianism in Jaramogi university has hit a rise after several incidents of lesbianism being encountered at the Varsity.Sources report that a number of girls have been caught red handed in the dark corners of Jooust kissing and caressing.As much as many condemn and rebuke the act, it’s been noticed that the participants ain’t ashamed of the act and publicly parade themselves around as proud couples.On Interview one girl said she had a big crush on her now “boyfriend” and she couldn’t resist her when she was approached.Ryna(real name withheald) says that she is attracted to hot girls with a lighter skin and cannot resist them.”I’ve had three girlfriends in Jooust and it’s so awesome.I love making love to my fellow girls because it’s more satisfying than a man” she says walking away.
Observers say the number of lesbians in Jooust is rising at an alarming rate as they encounter them behind lecture rooms,in dark corners of the school,dark benches,in the fields and even in the diasporas. Claims of freshers being initiated easily into this unwanting behavior is also on rise as the senior lesbians go looking for the young pretty freshmen ladies for good Intimacy.Most of the Lesbians Claim it’s their sexual right and should be allowed to practice it without any discrimination. However on questioning some of the Jooust family,many were not only offended by the news but also disgusted by such behaviors going on in the Campus.Some of the responses were noted as below.
Initials used,real names withheld.
R:”It’s so disgusting! a girl screwing a girl? I can’t imagine”
M: “Abomination! I’d rather stay single than be intimate with my fellow girl”
S: “TF! kwani wanaume jaramogi wameisha?”
L: tufyakwa! wapewe bakora hao”
P: “dry spell ni real.this people should be exposed and condemned, it’s so immoral.”
slay queen: “like seriously? who does that? I kent do that.
TT: “That’s so Immoral.With the number of single men in jooust such behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated.They should be brought in the Light and condemned.”.
PS: “Ile radi itawachapa! ile scandal ya Gomorrah kando.”
Talking to a spiritual leader in the varsity,he said such behavior is so immoral and unbiblical. “The Bible condemns Lesbianism.It’s against Gods laws and no such behavior should be tolerated at whatever costs.A man should love a woman and a woman love a man and not the vice versa.The guiding and counseling team should come in before it gets out of hand” He concluded.
Being an act that hasn’t been in history of the campus,many are left bewildered and shocked by the news. 

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