All the best to Jaramogi’s Play; The COUP D’ÉTAT.

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After their play emerging the best play in the Regional drama festivals, Jaramogi drama (the gladiators) have not been sleeping in preparation for the Kenya National drama festivals which commenced on 8th April 2017. Having performed some of the items, the gladitors are in preparation for their play which will be staged on Friday the 15th of April. They all believe that their hard work will earn them good results and keep their title especially now that Jaramogi has a history of winning. Hard work pays, the drama chairman Mustapha Iddi said that the members have been having thorough preparations with their director and trainers and they have no doubt that they will perform well as they look forward carrying the day again. The play’s director Mark said that they are doing their best in terms of preparations and that they’ll not tire until they leave the stage on Friday, having all the requirements in place he said they are set to go and despite the stiff competition they believe they are well prepared to join the competitions. The Play The COUP DÉTAT has been so trending especially after winning in the regional drama festivals. The COUP D’ÉTAT is one play you would never cut short once you start watching.Coup D’etat is a play about the overthrowing of a government that turns out unsuccessful. The play brings out the challenges in ruling, virtues of a good leader and the role of the society in leadership. Bless it to the talented actors and actress who bring out the play so well that you’ll find it so thrilling and so real.They are in motion and they are set for success. Kampozone magazine which has the all event covered and all the news at your disposal wishes the gladiators so much success come Friday because we all believe you can. So, go-go gladiators, Go.

cha cha! cha! cha cha! cha! cha! cha!

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