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Vivien Wambui
Written by Wambui Vivien
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His approval is all I seek,
How I long to hear him say…
“You look pretty today…
Your hair falls perfectly on your face…”
How long do I have to wait,
To hear a compliment from him?

I want him to tell me how my laughter excites him,
Though I know am a walrus in action…
How the dimples on my face light up,
Every time am excited.
But all I have is my Creators approval,
As much as am the lost son,
His approval is what I seek more,
His assurance and guidance is enough.
Well,being mere creatures in this universe,
We tend to seek approval due to different reasons,
But its need is due to the pressure of pleasing others,
“We aim please” Grey…everyone does,
But who we aim to please is what differs.
Even the gods aim to please,
Persephone, goddess of the underworld,
Ate a single pomegranate seed,
Maybe she was deceived by Hades,
But on a different aspect,
She ate it to please him, I will
Thus becoming goddess of the underworld,
As often as we seek approval,
it should be from within.
We never gain approval by begging for it…
Confidence in self worth, respect follows…

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