Written by Gibson Kiplangat
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I was walking along the streets of JOOUST under the scrotching sun, I then treaded past the VC’s car park and I noticed students lying down at the shades of the nursery grounds. I too opted to cross and shelter my head from the merciless terrible solar.


After finding my way to the garden, I saw scattered groups of students (like those we formed to discuss the mole concept) my nosy nature couldn’t let me in peace…curiosity killed me.


I recalled somedays back some lady had lost her bag containing a laptop,just in the same spot I was (nursery grounds), she then saw my bag and claimed that it looked like hers… Never mind what happened to me.


I dragged my feet and found my way to one of the many groups, it was none intriguing as they were discussing about women and the fact that they tried immitating their talking and walking nature. What I overheard literally amused me, the fact that neat smartly dressed men talked alot about women. Aha Kumbe ladies existed from 1GB to 32GB? Things joblessness and idleness can make men talk.


They ridiculed my Mother, my sister and my girlfriends. Their descriptions ranged from the worst to the harshest words I have ever heard. It’s more disrespectful and inhuman.


I opted to another group where they talked of politics. This is where my interest was. They even went ahead and immitated the congress proceedings. They had a ‘speaker’ who kept on injecting order and giving out time limits.


Again the same men talked negatively and thoundasly about women. They talked of one, Morine Wendy Tanui who is going to be elected unopposed, this will mark history in JOOUST politics and the fact that ladies in this institution are now going for the male-dominated positions. For instance, Lilian Kagendo- Ass SecGen and Lucy Mitaru- Director of health environment and catering. “Hawa madem watatutawala hata kwa nyumba zetu” (this women will rule us upto our households) I heard.


My feelings began to trigger my ulcers, I couldn’t keep listening anylonger. My buccal cavity moved and I began talking not knowing what I wanted to speak but finally I realised I said “Men you that is inferiority complex”……..”Give me time to explain myself”


The speaker, an elegantly dressed young man pointed at me with his fat dry lips, he even called me a Women Rep..a heavy thunderstomous laughter from the rest of the men didnot detered and dismayed me from making my point heard.


First, Women are Naturing this is a key aspect of leadership which helps everyone develop their own skills and strengths.

Secondly Women are Motivated by challenges. In this case they are considered to be creative problem solvers motivated by obstacles.

Thirdly Women are strong communicators. Communication is among women strongest skills.

Forthly Women dream big. They are great leaders because they have innate ability to dream big and they know to translate big ideas into concrete action and results.

Fifthly Women handle crisis situations well. They are like caretakers and knows how to handle situation with compassion and patience.

Also they defy the odds and even have high emotional intelligence.


Unfortunately half of them had already left maybe to look for those ladies (I assume) but the remaining applauded me and even offered to elect me as the Women Rep in 2017. Atleast I changed their mindset. I later went to take some soda in Nandi shop a happy man.


*Authors Remarks*

I DONOT give any directive whether to vote for or support any candidate mentioned above. (Your vote, your choice, your secret)

Meanwhile let us advocate and preach peace during this elections period. JOOUST is bigger than an individual.

I wish you a peaceful elections.

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Gibson Kiplangat

I talk politics, walk politics, think politics, spend 99% of my time on politics. Am liberal, fearless and a man of quick action.

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