Faith Blessings
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From earth
You came
From earth
You return…

The man
Of collar
Kept chanting
Suffocating me.
And deep
Down the
Murcky waters
Drowned me!

Pain clogged
My lungs
Blocking aeration
Slowing time.
And my eyes
Red and puffy
Blinked rapidly
To stop the
Stream flowing
Down my
Cheeks in

Before me
Lay the remnants
Of a fire
So hot
Of flames
Cracking with
Vigour and life
Now encased
In a magnificient box
Of six by four.

He had been
My Anchor
In times
Of storms
Light in
The dark
Umbrella in
The rain
And my shade
In the mercilessly
Scortching sun.

Now am
And exposed
In a sea
Full of people!

As his
Body is
Lowered in
The six feet
Deep segment
Of God’s
Endless abundance

My heart
Screamed endlessly
Writhing uncontrollably
For the
Claws of
Fate skimming
Down its walls
Were too
Painful to

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Faith Blessings

faith Blessings

A song rings deep into our hearts and unearth the old, hidden and buried emotions, love lifts us and poetry mends us. Words of wisdom are food to the soul.

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