At Peace With the Silence

Titus Daudi
Written by titus Daudi
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Thought Experiment:

Imagine you’re in a room. The room is covered in stone, no door, no windows but with a box containing enough food, oxygen and materials to cater for your every needs and a bathroom too. Through the cracks you can hear voices(or so you think) but here’s the catch, you’ve been diagnosed previously with schizophrenia and you’re unsure as to whether what you’re hearing is true, it might be empty space after all … The only way you can get out of the room is by breaking your hand, would you risk it or would you accept the package and live your life?

Why Was the Room Bad in the First Place?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is credited as being the greatest composer of all time and if you’re a fan of classical music like I am it is quite easy to differentiate between Mozart’s compositions and those of his counterparts. He is also credited with having said “Music is not in the notes but in the silence in between.”

My job as a writer is quite simple yet hard in equal measure “To fill a page with words.” Knowing which words to use is easy, we have many programs and the internet to help us with that, how you place the words and giving them life- That’s the hard part. As a result when many writers feel that they can’t fill a page with words even meaningless words, we recline to phrases such as “writers block” or more generalized “creativity blocks”.


In some way, experiencing writer’s block is like being in the room only that this time, it’s pitch dark and you’re haunted by yourself. It’s like staring into an album of a child who died in your arms and you hold her responsible for her demise and sometimes escaping that room saves you from being confined in a mental prison.

It’s not only writers who are in the mix here, every day we use our creative processes to solve complex tasks and make meaningful conversations. Without creativity there is no art, no science, no math, no invention, no 21st Century and most importantly to lie to tell your ‘clande’. Every appreciated and under-appreciated thing is a product of creativity and our brains are unique in their abilities to give rise to creative solutions.

Now am not telling you to be a creative person neither am I trying to play hero where there is nothing to save. You see, its 4:00 AM in the morning and I have nothing to write and I was wondering why our brains get all mashed up, what makes us different from Mozart and Shakespeare, whether any effort is worth exerting and why do it in the first place.

It’s like am stuck in an infinite loop and am playing thoughts over and over again in my head for posterity yet I want out. You see, being out of touch with our innate selves is quite easy for many to apprehend and comprehend but for a writer, it’s different especially when writing is the only talent you have. Losing touch with that voice that keeps on ranting over and over in your head, that gives you meaning and a sense of calm is distressing, if it wasn’t I’d not have stared at my blank word document for 2 hours wondering what to write about.

We are born natural problem solvers, you see. Perhaps that’s why we place too much a burden on our lives with achievement and losses that we fail to notice the best time of our lives cannot be found in the highs or lows we make rather in the silence in between, when there is nothing to think about just emotions to apprehend. Oppenheimer once stated “genius is the answer before the question”. The problem with the answer you see, is that it can only exist in the silence. Perhaps right now, it’s staring you right in the face. After a hard day’s work punching through the walls, it’s always good to appreciate the silence.

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