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At one point in life or another we all have experienced this at certain points. Where we silently question our hearts as to what people will say or view it. We have been living in this world where the society’s expectations are considered delicately. We live in denial so as not to be judged by the society. To be the good girl or gentleman they want to mould us to be in their own ‘world’. And you’ll always hear them chit chat how”watoto Wa siku hizi wameharibika” I would just smile and walk away. They tend to forget that we are 2 centuries of what they knew as a perfect world before westernization. They are so good in empowering dreams and talents yet the same society will curse Bahati and Willy Paul for singing whatvthey refer as (wimbo za saitan).~the irony.

We live in a world after wearing that ‘rugged’ and crop top which they used to wear as tumbo cut by then,you will have to think and rethink of that famous kitenge of yours in your closet but ignore it and instead carry along your attitude.
Before applying that makeup you already know what to expect,the snares,judgmental eyes and stares on the way as if you’re just carrying the atomic bomb straight from Russia or States.

When that slayqueen or slayking steps out looking sharp(if you understand what I mean) and they are accusevof showing so much skin and am left speechless when I remember our forefathers walking like the bushmen and were congratulated for tradition. ~okaay

Think of tobacco. It has been and will be there..our grannies used it as flu medicine but nowadays since it’s rebranded and packed and it is used for more than just flu’s (inventions), it has now become drug abuse an a ticket to hell.

Traditional brew has existed even before my existence. But nowadays its called the password to hell I think it is because of the little branding,bottling,and maybe labelling he he…maybe we should have sticker to the pots and straws…. For easy communicability of flus so that we can use tobacco to cure them.

I admire how my uncles and grandfathers tooked cute whenever I see their b/w photos on the wall,that afro was lit. Try it today,even the thought of keeping hair for boys and men is an abomination it’s either your are a stoner or a gangstar..the societyvwill associate you to hell’s gateman if at all it has a gate.

Piercings have been there,just that the ancients wore wood and grass for the rings..a little enhancement of silver or gold coatings has made it totally evilhehe~he he ‘woreva’

The same society that curses arbotion Is the same that judges and looks down upon teenage parents~the irony..

Now back to my point!

Try to live for you just for one moment.close your inner eyes and imagine a world where it is only you ,no rules no discrimination for doing this or for saying that.
You try and be good ,you will still not be good enough,the society will still judge you anyway, be little sturbon and it will still pounce on you with accusations.

This is the time to get out of _”what will people say” song

We all sin differently anyway so in the end it’s between you and God and not them..


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Vivian Kerubo

Vivian Kerubo

Simple lady....says it as you see it...what you see is what you get....above all God fearing with a big heart....writing being her greatest passion in life.....