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Entrepreneurship  has recently become the buzz word not only globally but also here in Kenya more so young entrepreneurs. You must have read stories of successful Kenyan men and women entrepreneurs which are told and perhaps appear in many publications. Look, I am NOT in any way downplaying any businessperson who appears on every mainstream publication or any article about women and men in Entrepreneurship in Kenya!.

However, aside from all the glitz and the glamour of appearing at forums, meet ups or giving talks on ones journey of numerous failures before the ultimate success, entrepreneurship only sounds appeling when the individual is able to truimph over all the many challenges to become what most would term as succesful entrepreneur.

I therefore decided to give you a story of one Moris Gitonga commonly “TOSH” who runs various business firms.
‘Tosh’ is commonly known within the campus as a Safaricom and Airtel bundles dealer but did you really knew that he runs a cereals farm and distribute all types of shoes within Meru Town? Probably No. Moreover, He bags over 500,000KES annually.

I tried asking and consulting him how he would probably turnish a business idea to a real business layout all I could get from him is watching TV and relying heavily on internet for keeping upto-date news, obviously using the online medium to learn.
Look, seriously instead of calling home frequently asking for upkeep amount and stuff you can be your own boss. Its Possible. Yes it is! Tosh goes ahead to eplain that its not really all about attending confrences or trips abroad but simply one turning up to listen and resolve. I personally realised that with nobody backing entrepreneurs with a solid plan and capital, the disentranchised youth will continue harbouring unimosity over the fact that they have no stake in their country.
But how about the levi imposes by the government? Tosh responds that Government’s roles can be defined as; tax collecting, say cess, exercise duties, this as well is redistributed through a public welfare system that cobbles togother our real basic needs ( food and water, security, education, healthcare etc..).

Lets wake up, think of an idea and make it roll because it is so unfortunate seeing outsiders benefitting from opportunities that we are perfectly capable of handling. We often keep imagining that we need cosmetic surroundings to function, yet the average enterpreneur does not need more than a table,chair,poneer and some intement correction to manage a business!

My word to you is lets be with fresh new ideas that genuinely revolutionary and can reach Mashinani.

Really we youths needs a far better environment than the one they have!

Author’s Remarks:
If you are an entrepreneur and you want to share your story too kindly reach me on WHATSAPP ONLY +254704695052(Gibby Msafi).. Lets be our own bosses!

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