Before you sleep with her

Franq Adede
Written by Franq Adede
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You finally got her! She’s​ in your bed. You help remove her cloth! You remove syour too. See her curves? Wow now, you are so hard, and she is horny too, but before you sex her, kindly ask yourself about these 10 things; .

1#. Do you really love her? Yea, I know you like her buttocks… I know she has big breasts and you just enjoy rubbing them… I know you like the way she talks. But do you really love the person she is inside?

2#. After sleeping with her, what next? Will you still love those​ breasts? Will you still love her smile?

3#. What if she gets pregnant? Will she face the world alone or will you stand by her? Are you ready to stand as a man and say, “Yes! I am responsible? We both did it, it is our Baby!” Or will you look for excuses?

4#. If she calls to tell you that she is pregnant, will you tell her to abort it and risk her life or will you tell her to keep the baby?

5#. Very important, if she gives birth, can you take care of the baby? Can you meet the emotional, mental, psychological and financial demands?

6#. Is she someone you can marry or someone you just want to sleep with? Imagine if this was your sister with someone else.

7#. If she is good enough for you to sleep with, why can’t she be good enough to be your wife?

8#. Why can’t you marry her as your wife and then enjoy all after?

9#. If you sleep with her and leave her. Think about how sad it will be… Think about the pains and the sorrows. Imagine if this is done to your child! .

10# Think about tomorrow. Don’t just think about today I know you just want to do it! your hormones are up. . => What will happen when your hormones are down ?????!!!?!
This Just a piece of Advice for the youth, think or ask yourself this question before you take the next step.

Let’s all think about this before we do it. the blame game will never solve anything.

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