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I don’t know about you.

But I am appalled.

So much by the new trend of our modern independent women popularly known as the slay queens.

I will begin by acknowledging that I am a woman. And therefore understand most of the challenges ladies face.

This is why I keep asking myself, where exactly did the rain start beating us?

Secondly, I commend these ladies for being strong, independent women, who can voice their concern and fight for their rights.

Well the fact that you can fight for your rights is really impressive, but my question is, what rights are you exactly fighting for?

Does fighting with your boyfriend to cater for the bill of a sexy skimpy but expensive dress that will keep you at the top of the fashion trend make you independent?

I hope not.

Snatching married men from their wives for money, or adorning in borrowed clothes and shoes.

Clothes you’ll keep for a few extra months while giving out vague excuses.

To the owner it doesn’t really make you independent and neither does having a list of boyfriends longer than all the pairs of shoes you own.😅

The thing is: Ladies, one does not become successful by investing scarce time on those old men.

Men suddenly discovering they need to have a little more fun because their time is almost up.

The same goes for multiple boyfriends.

However, posting your photos on social media hoping you get lucky like ‘Githeriman’ is not really a good plan.

I mean how many women gain such popularity through their posted photos on social media platforms in a decade?

Well, this bring us to the only tested and proven method, serious work!

As a matter of fact, success is not acquired overnight and neither is wealth. If we all want to be rich, there goes our first step…

You have to be real. This means accepting who you are, your background included.

We all know that often times, these slay queens are broke girls in borrowed shoes and clothes their only investment is a amart phone with a clear camera.

You need to understand that ‘handouts’ cannot really get you rich.

And that’s why even with three or four sponsors you still don’t own a car and some of you are still struggling with your fees.

So yes! you need to drop the fake accent, return the borrowed shoes and clothes, quit that sponsor and decide whether or not you want to date.

And if yes, stick to one person because that’s how you learn to respect yourself.

Before I forget, rid the make up layers and stand infront of a mirror

Do you like what you see?

It is time to understand that independence is a result of discipline, commitment and a lot of consistent hardwork as well as constant improvements.

This brings us to our second step…

Individual growth and development. I mean you have to enrich your mind through reading ( not cheap romantic novels) but serious intellectual books dealing with political, social and economic issues.

Apart from freeing your minds from narrow perspectives this books will also equip you with great intellectual ideas.

You have to grow spiritually and it requires you find time to visit the Holy house for serious reason other than being ‘seen’ to read your bible…

Who knows, you might even develop a conscience!

Reading also ensures that you have mastery of language. My dear ladies, you will be suprised to learn that WOW! and OMG! are not really English vocabularies.

And the famous ‘who does that…?’ statement is not really as sophisticated as it sounds.

Thirdly, you need to plan. This means you sit down and allocate time to those things that will help improve you.

Write down your priorities starting with the most important.

And also plan your expenditure by letting go of those self-imposed necessities. I mean why would you want to spend more than you have when you are not even earning?

Lastly you need to love yourself. This means loving who you really are without make up. Loving yourself enough to really watch your diet and even engage in exercises.

In addition, taking care of how to dress your body.

Walking around dressed scantily doesn’t really send a positive image at least not if you love yourself.

Finally, one can only be respected by how much value they hold and how much they respect themselves.

It means, you have to be decent enough to respect your bodies.

It demands letting go off all those clothes that make you look like overgrown girls in children’s clothes and dress like a proper Lady.

You need to learn to pay your bills.

Love yourself enough to use make up as accessories and not as a scape goat from reality.

Amass a lot of knowledge.

When all is said and done will you call yourself an independent woman? And if you still choose to slay, when physically fit, smart and financially independent, it will be an honour and not a shame to the female species.

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