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Break her Virginity not her Heart.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Make her moan in pleasure not in pain.

Make her call your name because you’re taking her beyond the moon and she can’t help but announce her hero’s name but don’t make her call your name because she’s uttering curses and praying to God to strike you dead for causing her so much pain.

Let her memories of you be a sweet dream she don’t wanna wake up from and not a nightmare that can not let her see her bed.

I’m a big fan of romance materials and a good romance read or a movie gets me to another level of my writing.

I stay glued to the main action as I climax the story or movie. I skip the love making formalities; the kissing,the biting,the touching parts of it and go directly to the one where the woman gets out of breath and is gasping for clean air while the man is calling all his ancestors beneath his breath.

I don’t move my eye until the two have had their climax and are breathing like two bulls from a tough fight. I can always tell from the satisfaction on their faces that there’s nothing good in life than what they’ve just had.

The man,proud like a cock that has just served all the hens in the compound in a count of ten is always calm, thinking of how much of a meal he’ll need to regain his strength.

The woman,like a patient who has just received good medication from a qualified doctor will throw herself all over the man to show him just how heavenly she feels.

Ask any man who has just deflowered a hard to knock woman and he’ll tell you that there’s a part of heaven that is on earth. A land full of honey and milk.

Ask a woman who has been deflowered by the man she most adore and love how she feels about the whole experience and you’ll see a woman with the brightest smile on earth.

See? I told you it’s such a good thing. An experience like no other,something no woman wants to forget. It’s a memory a woman would want to hold on even in her grave. Every memory of a good virginity break will send chills down her spine,wonderful chills that will rock her to sleep.

You’ll be unforgettable, the only person that holds her love life by just your calculated up and down muscle push. You’ll be in her dreams and all over her head even after you part ways because you gave her the key to unlocking overflowing sweetness and happiness.

She’ll have you in the special chamber of heart even when you become her worst.

Aren’t you a hero already? holding such importance in someone life for something you don’t get a degree for?

let’s face it,heartbreak sucks. So why break her heart?

When her heart is broken, it can feel like the end of her whole world. No amount of pain is so agonizing or concentrated like a heartbreak. It’s like a giant hole being pummeled into your chest, with no hope of repair.

You know it as much as I do,breakups are a bitch, and heartbreak is a bigger bitch than f*cking karma.

A dream borne at dawn is not necessarily that which comes true at dusk and it does not necessarily mean that once you’ve devoured her forbidden fruit you’re bound to stay.

I’m saying,you can be that one person she remembers for that one thing even when you’re both with another.

You can be her best chapter of the story even when the whole book sucks and some pages don’t add up.

You can be the very best moment of her life.

We both know the good feeling comes first before that cloud of pain.

So why not lay a lasting foundation so that even if the house collapses the foundation remains to tell the story of the house?

Why give her a heart attack when you can give her a pussy attack that’ll earn you 10/10 points?

Listen dude, stop trying to play Alejandro when you can hardly play Tsimonjero. Stop promising her heaven when you can hardly take her to a stadium.

Stop playing around with her heart when you can make a home in it.

Hold your horses,she needs a memory to hold on when her world is falling apart not a memory that tears her world apart.

She needs to remember the very best in your worst.

So why build a mud house when you can build a mansion?

Forgive me if it skipped you while enjoying your read, only a good (good for unforgettable) ‘nut’ breaking will earn you that position in her heart.

Rush it and you’ll see just how crashed your life will turn out in a few minutes of your labored work. (that’s not a threat)

Don’t break her heart, break her….





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