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I blame myself for loving her

trusting her,believing in her

now I’m broken because I believed, I loved

lord save me from old age

a hundred years without her is doom

 II eel her absence

it’s like waking up with no teeth

I don’t need a mirror to know they’re gone

and I wish I could understand

your reason for causing me pain

although understanding won’t clear the hurt

give me reason to dream again,to love


who fixes broken people?

is it only other broken people?

then my prayer is you get broken

so broken that you need me to fix you

to fix


you wore my promise on your finger

for two years you spoke only loyalty

now I’ll wear your name on my heart

till forever

because you were my world

my forever


and I’ll never forget you

because I’ll never forgive you

for my heart you broke

tears come from the heart not the brain

a broken heart bleeds tears

now I stand in pools


when you once saw all the happiness in me

why don’t you see this bit of sadness in me?

did I change

or did you just stop loving me

I wonder if you ever think of us

it hurts you’re with someone else

when I did everything right


the world breaks everyone

my loneliness now my addiction

the hottest love has the coldest ending

I hope one day you see

just how broken you left me

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Gracey Eunice

Gracey Eunice

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