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Esther Ogina
Written by Esther Ogina
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*Brothel Queen*


Like the rays seeping through  the thick  leaves

Heavy aura fallen on the earthly space,

Her drum beats,rolls and whines  with the big rollers

The day is erect like a tour jet,

Ready to explore the divine space  of nature, holy and preserved

Air chill will mist showered,

By the mighty  majesty

Nature  explored

In completenss

Brothel queen,

You  complete  her

With your  humour, wasted

Glaze her with your chuckle, sheepishly

And hold her with your eyes  falling

Tounge rolling

Sight  blurred

With her womanly abundance

And her charm  mesmeric

Closely, just close enough

She captures you in her nest, warm,

And the divine  hole


  1. By the charm of the brothel  queen

About the author

Esther Ogina

Esther Ogina

A speck of gold
Is a burst of cold
Desires and wants that drys out wisdom

But with Essy essence be sure to stay calm

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