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An 88th minute goal from Vincent Aboubakar dwarfed Egypt’s chances of securing the AFCON cup. The match was intense and even before the pomp and celebrations, almost everyone knew that the Indomitable Lions would loose to The Pharaoh’s.
The Cameroonian team is said to have been the worst in a generation and almost overnight, they secured a place in the league of legends.
The match began with the traditional pomp and glamour. For the next 20 minutes, the fans in Libreville, Gabon would experience an intense interplay of both skill and emotions which would rise to a climax after Elneny secured a goal for the Egyptian Pharaohs in the 22nd minute.
The Indomitable Lions would struggle through the first half but their hopes would be rekindled after Nkolou got the nets shaking in the 59th minute. The stadium would be engulfed by cheering Cameroonian fans and they would be overjoyed after Aboubakar scored an 88th minute goal.
The guardian has named this victory:…A feel-good triumph of the human spirit.
Congratulations Cameroon.

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