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‘Should I come with you to your house today?’  Fatma asked. ‘I heard you live in a new house!’

She rotated on one heel as she was accustomed to as she giggled in a sexual notation. Mohaa turned back to hear the voice again. He was holding his car keys. He had come from the evening lecture.

‘You want to come?’ he asked broadly.

She got closer, parted her lips and whispered in his ears, ‘that’s not a question baby. I have been waiting for so long to get you.’

Mohaa pushed her back aggressively and shouted ‘NO!’

He was a bright boy in campus. He was the kind who never associated with ladies. He didn’t like it. He was an introvert. He looked again at Fatma. She had adorned  a blue tight top that exposed her cleavage only to the intelligent and that blue pair of jean shorts that aligned her quadriceps femoris muscle of the thigh in a good anatomic configuration.

Fatma glanced at him and started moving her legs backwards. She left slowly as her face changed. She felt bad. She walked towards the entrance of campus. Mohaa got inside the car and looked at his face on the front mirror. He thought he had done something bad.

‘I also love her. I have been having this feeling when am next to her. What did I do?’ he started asking himself.

He started the engine and drove slowly towards the gate. Yards away, he would see Fatma walking desperately along the lane on the road. He drove as he looked at her. Her long floral black hair swayed side by side as the soothing wind glided between her hair follicles. All this time, Mohaa was glaring at her as he drove slowly causing a huge jam behind him. He halted just beside her and lowered the front window.

‘Hey Fatma, Get in. Am sorry for anything I said before’ he said as he opened the door.

Fatma looked at him and continued walking. Mohaa continued driving slowly maintaining the pace she was moving. He at once got out and walked in front of her. They gazed at each other.

‘Fatma, am sorry’ he said as he held her hand. She opened the other front door and assisted her to get in. he fastened her seatbelt for her and closed the door. He got back on his driving seat and started the engine. Fatma felt sweet and her heart was happy. She knew Mohaa did not love girly stuff but she loved him. She just wanted to secure him before other ladies could do it. She looked at him as he took a corner. Mohaa was a great driver and always loved driving. He looked at her and they both faced each other.

‘you said you want to know where I stay?’ he said smiling.

‘yeah, I would love to see it.’ She said as she held her phone close by her left side.

They approached certain apartments that created a large view at the front. At the center, was a fountain and a pool that seemed to have a blue color. It was cool. The soldier at the gate lowered his head at the driver’s window while Mohaa showed a certain card which gurranteed his entrance. He got inside the apartment’s compound and drove along the tarmacked road lined with beautiful flowers. Fatma was glancing sideways as she admired the floral view.

‘Stop the car please’ she said as she glared at Mohaa.

Mohaa halted as Fatma got outside the car. She came back with a red rose flower. A beautiful big scented rose flower had a quite long stalk. She closed the car’s door and faced Mohaa. She brought it close to his nose and whispered in his ears

‘Breath’ she repeated severally as Mohaa’s hand got itself around Fatma’s neck and the two kissed. The kiss was so sweet and it intensified much of what they were. They had feelings for each other.

‘Peep! Peep!’  A car behind theirs hooted. They had parked their car at the middle of the road.

They quickly left each other’s cheeks and Mohaa drove to his apartment. They were not looking at each other. They were shy of what they had done. It was as if it was for the first time for the both of them or maybe it was the best kiss ever.

‘Mohaa’ she called in a sweet voice. ‘Is this your apartment?’ she asked pointing at a certain window.

‘Yeah, how does it look?’ he asked as he got outside the car. He assisted Fatma to get outside the car by holding her hand and lifting her up slowly.

‘It’s cute and quite big for a university dude’ she said as she increased the grip in Mohaa’s hands. She felt warm there.

‘So, this is my house. Have you seen it?’ Mohaa asked in a clumsy weird way.

‘Yeah, I also would like to take a view on the inside.’ she said as she held Mohaa’s arms and forced him to walk ahead. He walked, as he felt so uncomfortable. Never has he ever allowed a woman in his private vicinity. This would be the first girl. He had already started sweating. He descended on the door. Fatma dipped her hands inside Mohaa’s jacket pocket and removed a bunch of keys. She tried three of the keys of which the latter opened the door.

Mohaa had developed a deep feeling of wanting Fatma but he tried to hide it. He had not felt the beat he had for a lifetime. This was something weird. He walked side by side with Fatma as he showed her all the rooms.

‘This is the bathroom’

‘The lavatory is just next to it’

After about one hour, they had already viewed the whole house. Fatma had to leave before it’s too late. They both walked to the main door and as soon as they checked the time, it was 8pm. She couldn’t go. It was late.

‘I guess I should …..’ she could not finish what she wanted to say as Mohaa interrupted.

‘Stay. I guess you should stay for the night’ he said. ‘It’s too late at the moment and safety matters’

She felt a warm feeling burning deep inside herself. She felt that someone cared for her. He made her seat down, came from the bedroom with a warm jacket, and covered her body.

‘Thank you, Mohaa.’……..


Mohamed Tokal is a Business student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology.

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