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Campus Sex.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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“I promise,nitaingiza kichwa pekee”.
For starters,you’re told only the head will get in.
I don’t know where the rest of it stays or how he manages to get only the head in but I know its a convincing line that many has fallen for.

Campus is the only place where you can learn either by experience or from others.Campus has good experimental labs and good life teachers.
They say for you to be an expert,you must practice.
Well,ask a well perfoming man in bed where he got his experience or expertise from and if he hasn’t been from any Kenyan campus,bless him..his is God given.

For the purely untouched who gets in campus with a dream of getting a pure patner and keep the purity to the latter,only a few gets to the top of that dream.
Some are left to willow in the valley “being the best in bed”.

“sio uchungu,nitafanya tu polepole”

sounds like a cliché, right?
well,that cliché is what gets many young ladies with unplanned pregnancies.
Or should I call them unwanted pregnancies?

Even the doctor will tell you the same thing when they’re about to inject you and watch you writh in pain as they push the needle into your flesh.

Never underestimate the power of a horny man.
He’s capable of talking in 24 different languages as long as you understand his urge.
He can buy you a ferrari,buy your mama a bughati and take you to a holiday in Malicia.

Actually,thats only before he gets wherever his buldge is directing him to.

Once he is out and his hip bone is relaxed,forget about the bughatti.

Baby, even Jay-z has never bought Beyonce a Ferrari, who are we cheating here?

Whoa! whoa! Ever heard of sex with clothes on?

Any partying campus guy will tell you of the multiple sex he has had with all his cloathes on.
I’m not talking about the bathroom sex or under the tables sex.That atleast,you get under ones pants.

I’m talking about sex on the dancefloor.
When a lady in this minidress or miniskirt with some three stiched laces under it for pants ( Isn’t it what they call thongs?) gets to the floor for a dance.

That bend over thing they tell you it’s called “kusuguana”.

It must be the heat from the room that gets them raising the skirt/dress up and above the waist before bending down for a dance.

It’s not like every song needs bending but you know,the people in the room needs it.

So the woman bends over and the man with his buldge almost bursting his trousers gets to it.
Rubbing,pumping,slapping and hitting her with his bulge until his muscles climax and relaxes on an open bending vajay jay in the name of dancing.

The girl too gets some good shots on her punanny that leaves her gasping for breath.

Whats the name of that dance anyway?

Y’all know of the one night stands right?.
Well,in campus it gets to a way new level.

Even with the title “one night stand” a guy will bang her,text her the next day for another night stand and if she is of the “out of texts” excuse, he’ll find her wherever she will be until “one night stand” gets him a banging patner.

What they’ll call ‘a fuck mate’.
No strings attached,you’re just a fucking patner whener nature calls.

“Nitamwaga nje,huwezi pata boll”

A campus guy will always have a convincing talk when it comes to sex and pregnancy.

He’ll want to have her raw but she’ll be afraid of becoming a mother at such a young age.So she’ll insist,
“vaa tu”.

“babe Mimi napenda ngozi. Usinikazie.”

If she is still adamant,he’ll bring in a little humor to spice it up.

” Hio ni kama kukula sweet na karatasi.We only live once”.

YOLO, it’s a campus slogan.

He insists, of how he’ll pour all his juices out and not in her when he comes.
He never gives up.
Not when he has worked so hard to get her pants down.
He’ll make her believe and then have her raw just as he wants.

Still,even after the convincing and is so sure of his technic,he will still take precautions.
So,he’ll bring her water with crushed P2 to wash away his uncertainties.

Heard of a threesome?
You should also know that in campus it not only stops at three.
It gets up to six or even worse.

No use of enhancers to make the guy pull out well with the five ladies by his side.
Just a little chew of the famous ‘Mukombera’ and some plate of ‘njugu’ is enough to earn him the ‘Bedroom Bully’ title.

If you ever thought a blow job was just going raw with his pinus and drooling all over him,then go get salvation because this talk will get your on your knees.

For the pure ladies who don’t want to be penetrated virginally and have their hymen intact but still want to give pleasure to their men,blow job is their kind of sex.

They know how to get the whole of him in their mouth.Deep throating until he gets his orgarsm.
Their mouths can accomodate a full cum and if the juices tastes so good on the tongue,they let it slip down their throats.

The men too know how to satisfy their pregnancy phobic girlfriends without letting their erection get to her punany.
He knows the clit and it’s surroundings more than he know the Kenyan map.
Only the twists of his fingers up and down her clit will get her screaming his name.
And she’ll have her sexual pleasure at his mercy.No pregnancy.

Break ups are nasty.
Campus break ups are the “good nasty” type since there is break up sex.

It’s not a one time thing. Once you’ve broken up,you can still go for that break up bang again and again until it gets so good that you now have one thrilling make up sex and you get rolling again.

It is fun.
Fun because it’s in campus where you can have any kind of friends you want.

You can choose to have a girlfriend, s boyfriend or just a friend with benefits.
I mean,friends with benefits don’t benefit you by buying you books or paying your rent.

They call you in the middle of the night for a booty call or come over your place for hungry sex or ‘kutoa stress’.

You don’t know sex if you only think that two bodies has to be together.
Campus phone sex will literary leave you dripping for more.
It’s not actually sex with a phone,who even does that?
some mysteries are better off unravelled for you to do some digging.
Find out.

Campus is a learning field.
The only place you graduate with experience and skills.

If youre getting to campus and you badly wanna keep it pure for tomorrow,acquire blindness.
Because if you see,you’ll be blinded by just how people are ‘giving it up’ like there is no tomorrow.





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