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Sylvia Adely
Written by Sylvia Adely
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When I saw my mom at the schoolgate,I knew something was amiss.Where had she even raised the money to visit me in school? Consequently,I was called to the principals office.
“Pack your belongings,we have to go,” My mom said
“Why mom?” I asked in protest
“Our secret is out Sanaipei,everyone in the village knows you are in high school.”She explained.
I did as instructed ,thanks to our tradition I had to expel myself from Tulenge juu high school.
Ole Sinai paid the whole bride price,32head,you are going to get married,dropped the bombshell. Why is life bed of rocks for me,I passed well in Primary School and deserved a chance to study.
“Am not going to get married to that old man,”I set my stand
“This is our tradition Sanaipei and you cannot run away from it,”she screams
Immediately we reached at the village,my wedding was already set,everyone was rejoicing at the vast herd especially my aunties.I decided to talk to my dad,maybe he can reconsider my education.
“Dad,I promise you,I will get an A and go to the university I will pursue my career and get a good job.”I tell him
“Your brother will go to the university,you are going to be married to a rich man,the only job will be to take care of him and bear him children.”
That was the statement that shattered all my dreams completely.
There are so many girls who are given out for marriage at a young age.They do not have that opportunity to study and achieve their dreams like the boy child.It really angers me to see people in Universities wasting their selves and dreams by endulging in non beneficial things.
You are great,you are the mentor of all and sundry in your community.You are the one educated to bring light to your community on the importance of girl child education and fight gender disparity .
I got married to Ole Sinei,we have three daughters,I have tried to talk to him about educating our children.I know I failed to study and achieve my dreams,therefore my should have that opportunity.
In every opportunity you are given,be the change,when everyone else goes to the wrong direction, walk to the right path and that would make the difference.
Watch your words,for they become your action,watch your action for they become your character,watch your character for they become your destiny.
I stand with girl child empowerment for what a man can do ,a woman can do equally better.
As for my daughters,I would rather die then show up in their schools gate.I should have something important to die for ,for I never had something important to live for.
Be a change in someone else’s life,a change for the better.

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