Comrades to resume classes after Valentines.

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As many wake up to the memories of a wonderful Valentines day they had,comrades at jooust are waking up to text messages asking them to attend classes as scheduled on the timetable.

The lectures lecture’s strike which is eventually hitting its 4th week has brought in a lot of confusion in the higher levels of learning as university students are left in dilemma of whether they’ll be having their January-April semester or if it will be suspended.

However in jooust,a meeting between the sajooust,class reps together with the VC,DVC,AA and the registrer jooust was held from which comrades are to officially resume their classes as from joust Wednesday 15th,2017.The DOA Everlyne Mwinzi said that the rumour of the semester being supended is not on the debate list and that the management is willing to add extra weeks if need be so as to help comrades finish the semester successfully.on interview,the class representatives said the meeting considered the fourth year students who are on attachment and closing down the school may badly affect them.on the same note,the third years who are to go go for their attachment in May will be pushed to January 2018 if the august elections turned out successfully.

from the meeting,its was argued that the ongoing lectures strike is unprotected and unlawful according to the court orders and may end up like the Doctors case-arrest.lecturers therefore were asked to resume their duties,get in classes and attend to learners effectively.thus,the senate argues all comrades to travel back to school as learning will continue as per the scheduled timetable.

Meanwhile,the few lecturers who have tried to attend to classes are complaining of the inattendance of classes and poor turn up of learners as on the other hand learners are in dilemma whether to resume classes as per the university or heed the national ongoing lecturers strike and be in solidarity with their fellow comrades.its a time set bomb,whose gonna tap the switch?

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