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Slay Queens are having a field day after controversial blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi, who has over the past few years managed to find himself in court (after scuffle with Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore) and trolled by fans (after he made some pretty nasty remarks over Adelle Onyango); expressed his disappointment over the shutdown of his M-changa account, an initiative he designed for his followers to contribute their drinking money towards the support of his boy-child activism.
The self-appointed Commander in chief of the Boy-Child Defence Forces has over the past few weeks garnered popularity among male followers for his politically incorrect statements on feminism and for trolling female celebrities. He was disappointed after a section of his fans accused him of extortion while many shied away from raising money for the campaigns- contributing only 28,000/= an hour after opening the PayBill.
“It is extremely demoralizing working with a group of men, who pressure me to get a PayBill, then turn around and trash-talk it. I can’t be getting accusations of pyramid-schemes for such small amounts of money. In this regards, I’m discontinuing it.” He said before discontinuing the collection and refunding his Regional Commanders.
In another Facebook post titled “Why women shouldn’t head corporate roles,” he blamed Safaricom’s Sylvia Mulinge and M-Changa’s Pauline Adisa for the collapse of the project saying, “…M-Changa’s disruption of a noble initiative is a signal of the greater calamity facing corporate Kenya, where many other ideas are discarded, simply because they offend the female imperative.”
He later on banned a section of his followers from his page and stated in another post;
“After yesterday’s display of your lack of will-power, women now take you as a bunch of pussies. If you’re thinking that ‘Nyakundi failed’, umekosea. Kila Boy Child jana alichoma picha.”

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