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CRY FOR Peace – Vote Peace Not Pieces

Written by sky
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The clouds are gathering and rain is forming

But it’s damn hot here and I’m sweating profusely

The clock is ticking and it soon will be dusk

It’s all quiet here except of the noises from the grounds

The bulls have been set free and it’s now time for the game

My mind is at peace though my heart races wildly

Blood burns in my veins and my bones shake and freckle

For once bitten twice shy, it’s here again –the voting


I’m closing my eyes and the other time events is fresh as yesterdays

Bloodshed, death staring right in my eyes, destruction of our own

Screams of pain and agony still rings loudly like jubilee bells

Victims of time telling their tales, heads in their hands

Survivors seeking holy places for healing of their souls, redemption for their sinners

Now the world is crying for brotherhood, crying for peace –the voting


I want peace, he wants peace, she wants peace, they want peace, we all want peace

Is it too much to ask? Is it too hard to give, peace?

Can’t we vote In peace and not in pieces. Yes we want peace

So bad that we know peace not, but can’t you give us peace this time round?

We want to give you the keys but we’re afraid you might change locks

A warless world will come if we develop warless hearts

Darkness cant e drive out darkness, only light can

Now we are offering you light amidst darkness because we want peace

We participate in politics of hope; we want a great world –the voting


Words are used to illuminate action, not to disguise

Don’t blow another’s candle; it won’t make yours shine brighter

Words shouldn’t confuse minds, when honeyed words but evil minds persuades the mob

A great woe befalls the state.

We want leaders who encourage diversity, not racism

One who understands the needs of farmers, teachers, doctors and the environmentalists

We want a peace maker, one who unites not divides

Don’t let the Judas in you sell out the Jesus you are

We all can choose peace

We all can vote peace

For this is a cry for peace.


By Gracey Eunice

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