Cry from a bottle

Derrick Mogaka
Written by dero
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Human in deed ,

It’s now a creed

I cried now I plead

Come on come, I’m I of your seed


I know am human I feel it its real

You come for my neck you want it to peel

You treat me like them you call it a deal

Come on come on ,I’m I of your seed


You want me to use me

Go out for your agemates and not me

I flee from my bloodline and now from me

Come on come on, I’m I of your seed


It’s high time I need myself

A threat to your ego now see for yourself

Parenting and laying it’s all on yourself

It’s over it’s over ,

Iam not of your seed

About the author

Derrick Mogaka


A student a Jaramogi Oginga Odinga university of science and technology


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