Schola Moraa
Written by sceezy
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The story of the hen and the eagle has been retold over the centuries in different ways,what better way to tell it again if not through poetry?

Although surrounded by men,
It could not relax and count to ten,
Even in the narrow lane,
The feeling of uneasiness could not wane.

For centuries they played this game,
A game with no name,
Although one or both were lame,
No one could this enmity tame.

Never easy always tough,
Once or twice was not enough,
It waited to make a move,
For that exact moment to dove.

With heart beating the hen watched,
And saw when the ground the eagle touched,
In intensity their actions matched,
And the forever game continued.

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Schola Moraa


Uuhm ...Schola. Student at Jooust. Poet,article writer.
Professional day dreamer. So boring...
Love cats hate dogs.
Loves novels hates travelling.

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