Fantasy and Fiction

Days of the Weak 3

Written by titus Daudi
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I must have stood there for an hour or two perhaps, time slowly passed and I in silence watched as my brother’s chest rose and fell. He was placed in a glass incubator like machine, Dyson said he’s immune system was weak and that his lungs had been compromised, I didn’t want to ask, I hated the details. Dyson left me with Elias, just the two of us alone.

Then he returned and broke the silence.

“You know, the whole world still celebrates Einstein not only for his theory of relativity which showed that time is but an illusion of the conscious mind but because he understood the human condition so well and took it upon himself to be a moral guide, he’s like the Buddha reincarnated…”

I knew he was up to something but I had to play my game right. I had to act as if I was really mad and he was just wasting my time.

“I know Einstein, just say what you want, no dramatic speeches whatsoever.”

“Come, just follow me.”

I left the room, stared back and looked at my brother, he was fine, just unconscious.

We passed the room I had been locked in earlier through a dark muddy corridor with rooms on either side into a stairwell that led to a basement. Even before I entered, there was a lot of chatter and humming, people arguing about lambda and Rayleigh scattering and whether the colour of the sky would change. I didn’t understand anything but I knew they were physicists.

Impressively, the basement was quite huge. It was almost twice the size of a normal football field with many tables, some makeshift. There were some pretty strange gadgets some unfinished others I just didn’t know. The room smelt of coffee and burnt computer chips everyone was running up and down doing something or just sitted concentrating on something at least that’s what I saw when I entered the room. The noise collapsed into murmurs immediately we entered, Dyson seemed to carry with him a level of authority or maybe they were wondering what he did with a black bushy haired 50 year old man dressed in rugs.

For an awkward moment, we stood in silence facing the large crowd (the largest gathering I’d ever seen as many people preferred not to gather unless when scouting for food after the big blast) and the crowd faced us. My first impression was that there were around fifty to sixty later I would be told that there were one hundred and fifty scientists working within The Perimeter, as they called the base.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, meet you’re newest member of the team Dr. Ardus Andruni Synthetic Genomist, theoretical biologist and one of the greatest minds of our time. The blow took a large toll on him so you are expected to help him get through easy. He’ll be part of Skye’s team but feel free to ask his help in case you need any. Thank you, that will be all.”

I was infuriated by Dyson’s utterances but I still found the guts to remain silent to see how everything would play out. What was he working on and why? Somehow, I couldn’t get mad at him; the atmosphere was accommodating quite frankly and I had no choice, I had lost my old self but he was giving me a new life. As we climbed up the staircase back to base, I remember him asking me:

“Do you think we’re going too fast?” It sounded like something my wife would ask before she became my wife but I gave him a no nod, there was a voice I had not hear for a long time rowing through the troubled waters of my existence, I was being born anew, there was nothing stopping me from being born anew. There was no looking back, I was home.

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