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Days of the Week Underwear ‘Horror’ Story Goes Viral

Written by Kelvin Arap
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A reminder booms the internet as a whole “Just A Reminder; June 22 is no Panties and Boxers Day”_
Howerver,In a Facebook post that’s gone viral, Nairobi resident Jessica Nanjala Vincent, alias Jessy Vincent wrote that she is a longtime-admirer of Peter Alexander, an Australian fashion designer well known for his signature label of undies and sleepwear in River Road Trading Center.

“Dear Peter Alexander, it is with regret that I inform you I must make a complaint,” Vincent wrote in her Facebook post.” After years of being a student, Vincent had never been able to afford the coveted items from Peter Alexander. But after recently getting a job, she finally felt as if she was flush enough to buy herself an item. “I headed to your store. And I had my heart set on your 7 Day Knicker Box Set,” she wrote.

“As I’m sure you understand, undergarments marked with the days of the week are something only an obsessively organized person would desire. Therefore, it was a purchase decision with which I grappled. What if I lost the Wednesday pair? What if I had a busy week and got behind with my laundry, only to get to the weekend and find all that was available was Tuesday?”

As “nervous” as she was, Vincent managed to settle her doubts; she’s never been behind with laundry and she doesn’t lose things. Steeled with this knowledge, she made the purchase and headed home, confident in her decision.

“Which is why I was so unprepared for the horror that awaited me upon opening the box,” she continued.
“As you can see…there are two pairs of underwear marked ‘Thu.’ and a complete absence of a Monday-dedicated pair.”

“I’m sure there are individuals who would not mind adorning their rear with ‘Thu.’ each Monday; for example the illiterate, or the criminally insane. Since I am neither, I can only assume you are trying to enforce either Commando Mondays or Cardio Workout Thursdays. Whatever your intention, I’m going to have to respectfully decline.”

“I look forward to a response from you regarding this unfortunate and untimely issue. Please don’t delay; it’s Monday,” she cheekily concluded.
Whether the post was meant in jest, it was published Sunday and already has over 20,000 reactions and hundreds of comments, many sympathizing with Vincent and saying they too would be annoyed by the snafu. Just a few of the comments:

“This is my nightmare. I love this girl.”
“That poor poor girl.”
“wtf this would kill me.”
“Oh how distressing! I sincerely home they found the Monday undies!!!”

No one likes Mondays anyway.

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