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Lewis Kanyiri
Written by Lewis Kanyiri
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Hi, how are you? I hope you are fine. It has been years, we have never set eyes on each other. I am sorry for never making contact, but I shall explain my reasons in time.


Dear Blank Face, I do not mean to shock you but to pass a message; where are you? I am incomplete when I know you are somewhere out there, out of my reach. I am in pain everytime I imagine that I should be cuddling you every day the cold comes to town. Blank Face, I want to meet you because Blank Face, I cannot go on without you by my side. I cannot go on knowing that you are somewhere probably as stranded as myself.


Dear Blank Face, where are you? I am lost for you are not here to give me direction. I am in tears because you are not here to wipe them away. I am in pain and I have no one to nurse me. Blank Face, please say something because this search is becoming tiresome. Blank Face, I need you, because Blank Face; my life means nothing without you by its side for you are my life.


Dear Blank Face, do you ever stare at the stars or the clear sky and ask if I am somewhere out there? If you do…my answer is yes and I am in deep search for you…because I really want to see you. Blank Face I am empty because Blank Face you have not yet come to fill in the gap left by the rib taken to make you for me.


Dear Blank Face, where are you. I am cold, I need you to warm me. I want to cuddle you, kiss you, fly to the ends of the blissful world on your angel wings because Blank Face it is only you who can bring this feeling to me. I am TIRED Blank Face, tired of holding other girls in my hands, tired of filling the void that is only yours with girls that are not meant for it; because Blank Face, it is only for you.


Dear Blank Face, hear my voice calling out in the darkness, light my path so that I may find you and we may connect our destinies as fate planned it so long ago. Blank Face, please answer me because Blank Face, how can I without you.


Dear Blank Face, come fill my emptiness, come wash my sorrow, come open my heart take away all the dirt, pain and filth in it, scrape it off and then settle in; lock yourself inside and never come out for nothing. Blank Face, you know why? Because that was meant to be your residence since the beginning of time.


Dear Blank Face, these are my words to you. Read them and reply my letter ASAP because Blank Face, I cannot walk this earth without you by my side anymore.



The Blank Space That You Seek…


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Lewis Kanyiri

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