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I remember the first day you told me to stay away from boys. I was in class 4 and I had gone to Ken’s place to play with him. We played for so long I hadn’t realize it was dark already and I needed to be home hours ago. I got home and you were so mad and you said boys will ruin me if I didn’t take care. I didn’t understand, then, why you would say that because to me it wasn’t Ken’ s fault; I would have stayed that late if I was playing with Lucy too. I thought you were just mad I was home late and was taking it out on Ken.
The next few years you would still tell me the same thing till it stuck in my head. With time and age I understood what you meant and I heeded to your warnings. So even though I had a crush on Paul or Dan or Henry, I did not act on it. I pushed all of them away cause you said I had to be done with my education first; and I love my education I didn’t want anything or, anyone in this matter, ruining it.
I promise that even that night as I was walking home I still remembered your words. I had him call my name from behind and I stopped to look back. I didn’t know him, though I had seen him around. He lived in the neighbourhood. He called my name with so much familiarity I had to listen to what he wanted to say. I was also curious as to how he knew my name. He said he had asked about me from my cousin and she had told him enough. He was fascinating mom. It’s probably his infectious smile or attractive physique but I needed to know more. Suddenly, I didn’t mind standing by the road to know this intriguing stranger. He said he first noticed me in my little green dress( that’s my favourite dress mom). He said all these things I wanted to hear but didn’t know I did. He is very soft spoken mom. But you have to know that I still had your words at the back of my head. They were quite far to reach then but I hadn’t forgotten. Okay, maybe I forgot when he asked for my number and to see me the next day and I said yes. That night as I lay in bed I thought things through. My cousin on coming home didn’t exactly say good things about him and I knew I liked him because he looked kinda ‘bad’. So I texted him and told him I didn’t want to see him and he should stay away from me. See, I listened mom. But the next morning at 6 a.m he was at my door asking me to give him a chance. He said he had to convince me in person that he was a good person. I only had to go out with him once and if anything, anything at all, was off I should never want to see him again. Now tell me, mom, how do you say no to a guy who wakes up that early to come see you to change your mind. Am sorry I couldn’t say no. I know you also said I should apologize for doing what makes me happy but at that moment I forgot your words so am sorry.
Long story short is that I saw him later that day and it was the best first date ever. I saw him again the next day and the next and the next till now.
Mom I know you said I should stay away from boys they will ruin me and I swear I did. I did and I met a man. And in the one year that we have now been together he has never ruined me. He makes me happy mom. He knows how to calm me when am stressful, he knows how to make me forget the bad moments I have and he makes me laugh the deep-belly rumbles that hurt your ribs kind of laugh. I stayed away from boys and I met a man and I hope when you meet him you will like him for me too.

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