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Written by Vivian Kerubo
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Dear unknown,hello I hope your fine. I am not hear to congratulate you at all. I just have a few burning questions and also a brief feedback. We’ve never met I gotta admit just because you don’t even remember where you plant and where you harvest. 20 years is a very long time for a focused farmer to go look out for his harvest.

Ooh unknown how do you even look,I want to get to know you or just see you. Am sure your heart is cold if not black. But what about your physical looks ,do you have a look alike?what about your talents an hobbies?

Just a reminder,20 years ago you planted a seed in a fertile garden. It might be what you had not planned but we can’t ignore because it was planted.
Years have passed yet I doubt if you even know if the seed you planted grew.
Do you even imagine if it emerged a tree or a plant, tall one or short one,healthy or a malnourished one?

What about survival? Maybe it couldn’t survive the pressures from environment.
This is so irresponsible, why plan to plant something yet you can’t take care of it? The seed is just a victim of circumstance from the Gardener and the garden.

Owk lemme give you some information about the plant,it grew successfully. It sprout out to be a beautiful flower. Its fragrance was the best. People from allover would come to take photos with, others just to feel the fragrance and others are planning to come buy it since its of age already.

The garden too is doing well and still fertile. It fought all pressures to save the flower you abandoned many years ago.
Also,it got planted with too more plants ;a tree and another flower. It also got a new gardener who hasn’t abandoned it like you.

I no longer want to see or ever meet you mr unknown. I have so much anger and grief. Where have you been??especially times I really needed you? When I used to cry a lot and wanted you to just tell me that this is a storm that will pass and calm wind will come. Or just a simple”no matter what am here to stay”. When I needed you to congratulate me when I did something good. Or correct me when I did mistakes. Do you know how discrimimated?? How I felt vulnerable to communicate with friends hence became so choosy with friends simply because they would be so judgmental and making me feel vulnerable. But that didn’t stop me from success. Here I am kicking all odds of negativity hence am moving from the past that brings so much pain. I guess you just didn’t care about me at all.

It was a mistake that I came around at bad timing but I don’t regret at all. I’ve grown to be smart and am almost there dear unknown.
Just a step more to success. I wasn’t taught to hate or judge so I also wish you the best sincerely and may God be with you.
I know that one day all this I feel will be over and will forgive you definitely.

I’ve grown to be very responsible an independent too. Maybe not knowing you made me this strong and gave me the courage I needed to face and inspire the world. I will always tell them “Yes if I did it why not you?”
I may not know your story .it may be worse but one thing I know is what pain feels like. I know how it feels like and sometimes it maybe so hard to rise up on your knees with a positive beginning. Its even harder to believe and say “Its hard but I will fight.”
But before you rise up to fight never think of giving up that’s the biggest mistake people make.


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Vivian Kerubo

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