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Dial a drink business in Kenya

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Dial a drink business in Kenya

Running a successful business is an art that requires you to be up to date with the recent trends and changes in the market. In the one or two last decades, we have witnessed technology change the marketplace in a major way, new businesses have been established and the ones that refused to adopt the changes in technology are failing if they have not already failed. In this article, we will look at a new business modal created by technology, the dial a delivery business.

Dial a delivery is a business model where business utilizes online platforms to showcase their product and services and have customers place their order via calls. Some of the businesses that fall under this category include dial a drink, dial a flower, dial a cake etc. The purpose of this article is to equip you with the relevant skills needed to start an online business in Kenya in this niche.

How do dial a service businesses operate?

To better understand how businesses in this niche operate we analyze some of the online stores in Kenya operating under this model such as Nairobi drinks, Dial a Delivery, Dial a drink and drinks delivery Kenya. All the above online stores offer alcohol delivery in Nairobi and the reason we choose is because they are relatively new and offer efficient and reliable services compared with other industries, all the above online stores offer a delivery time of less than 30 minutes, operate a 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi, offer free delivery and are growing like wildfire.

Dial a drink service is one of the competitive areas that why it is the perfect candidate since it offers us so much to learn. So what do you need to start your own online delivery service? Well, it is a process that we are going to break down into 3 steps.

1. Choosing a niche

The first thing should be to choose a product or service you want to offer. The first thing to consider when choosing a product or service is to check the demand for the product you want to offer. The best way to check for this data is to use the Google keyword planner tool and get the exact number of people searching for that product/service online monthly. Note that for some industries the number might be low but increasing at a fast pace e.g drinks delivery Nairobi is a keyword signaling the number of people searching for alcohol delivery services or soft drinks delivery services, an year ago this keyword had a couple of people searching for it but today there are more than a thousand clients searching for the same product.

The second thing to consider is the difficulty of penetrating the market. How competitive are the players in this market? If the market has too many players who are very competitive and well established it will be difficult and costly to enter that market.

2. Choosing an online platform

There are several platforms you can use like Social media platforms, WordPress site, custom website, platforms like Jumia or Business directories. When starting with little or no capital you can start on social media platforms like Facebook, companies like Nairobi drinks started selling drinks online via Facebook from there they moved to a custom website. WordPress is a cheap option which you can use together with social media. Whichever platform you choose, use it together with social media to get more leads.

3. Promote your business

This is the most critical step and you have to get it right. Having a business that nobody knows about is a sure way to fail. Use social media and other digital marketing strategies to promote your business and create awareness in the market. If you have a website you should direct traffic to the site so that it can be easier for them to find you next time they need your services or products.

These are the major steps to start your own on-line business, the best part with these kinds of businesses is that you don’t need a stock to start operating, you buy the product from the supplier once the customer has ordered and once you start growing you can establish your store. Business like Dial a delivery when they were coming in the drink delivery they first offered whisky delivery Nairobi which helped them learn the market now they offer wine delivery, champagne, vodka, soft drinks among other large variety of alcohol brands.

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