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Now I’m looking back and I’m getting back to the start

The reasons and the answers don’t match

I know I shouldn’t be digging up the past

But what if I’m living for the past?

How I to think of tea when coffee am is what I take?

I’ve been a princess you expect me to cope in the sun?

My flesh is soft and my bones breakable

Now the world knows how to break people like me


Do you ever look back and want to move back the clock?

Do you ever want to go back into the times?

And do things we used to…all in the past?

Do you think of the nights we spent out in the moonlight?

Now I’m all alone in the cold, counting stars

Hoping my luck star will fall, and I’ll have you back


I knew ill have you for eternity, I knew we were meant to e

I knew our script was written and no editing was needed, I knew we’ll never give it up

The hell brought in the admission year, it gave me a past

‘Freshmen’ we all called them. I should have known

I dint know their fire burnt lighter than our flame

I never knew their blood was wake than our already bonded clot

Until I lost you to a freshman


The innocent faces I had no doubt with, no eyes on

Now I have lost you to a freshman

I now wish I could have read that in the student tutorials

Published every Wednesday, maybe they did it for us

Guess they dint want us to go through the pain, they knew it hurt

Maybe I should leave the past be the past

But won’t you check into the past? At least once?

The past is all I got now, I shouldn’t e holding on, I know

But when your day is done with your freshmen

Please do check into the past.

By Gracey Eunice

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