Doughy Delights the Ultimate ‘Doughy delight’

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Doughy delights bakers is a mini bakery located in Bondo along the university way and specializes in making fresh tasty and quality baked products that include bread,cakes,sorted types of pastry ,established in June 2016 the bakery has proved to be one of the best bakeries around ,upholding and maintaining international standards .they specialize in :

Bread products:white and brown bread ,buns scones special bread sweet bread

Cakes:Queen cakes,Plain Cakes,Flavored Cakes ,vanilla cream cakes,black forest,wedding cakes birthday cakes and other general event cakes

Pastry:croissants,Danish pastry,sausage rolls,meat pies,doughnuts,pizza (on order)

inquiries & orders can be made by calling +254751309993


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