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The KUSA play off ball games which brings together all the universities from the whole country started on Friday 21st April 2017 and was expected to end on Sunday, the 23rd at Masinde Muliro University Kakamega. There was the usual pomp, celebration and tears however this did not go without some drama.

It is alleged that on Friday evening, a group of students from the host university started chaos and blocked the highway to take selfies while causing alot of traffic jam along the campus road.

When police officers arrived at the scene they arrested all the students they found around including the innocent students from other universities who stood by the road side to watch the free show by the MMUST based students.
The following, morning all sports directors from all universities made their way to Kakamega police station damanding the release of the arrested comrades especially the innocent souls who were not involved in causing chaos.

“We want to see all the innocent comrades released or else we cancel the KUSA ball games, because the same students arrested are the players.”Said the head of the directors.

KUSA officials later joined the directors at Kakamega police station to defend the arrested students. They urged the directors to continue with moderation in their demand pleading for the ball games to continue on a condition that the arrested students would be released.
Mr. Mark Okongo, the director of sports from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University was spotted capturing videos and photos of their conversation with the boys in blue as evidence of police harrasment.
After a long conversation between KUSA officials, sports directors and policemen, the innocent student were released while MMUST students believed to have caused chaos remained held up. Other students were also arrested later in the night while on their way back to their places of residences after clubbing following the melee.
The situation worsened for Mark Okongo as there was no sign of his release following his arrest and his impending end semester examination on Monday the 25th. A real warrior remains a real warrior however. After going without meals in what he described as filthy and unfavourable conditions, Mr. Okongo was later released by his MCA from Sakwa Central Hon Johannes Andiego at a cash bail of Ksh 5000.
In his speech after the release, Okongo urged the students to avoid sneaking out of campus to go out at night whenever they were released from their campuses to attend ball games competition as this also cost a number of students who were arrested during odd hours hence insecurity and they had to pay some cash for them to be released. He added that during such a commotion, new students should keep away as early as possible to avoid being counted as part of those participating.

“When given the opportunity to host such a competition, host students should show some dicipline and create a good environment for the new students attending and avoid such activities which normally provokes conflicts between students and police officers.” Okongo concluded.


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