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It’s just a slight tremor

Won’t be so long

Charged and adopted

From the thick massive layers

Of the crust


Flowing with every stroke

Moving to and fro

To and fro

Until the core would crack


Releasing that slimy yore

That would coat the smooth line layers

That will cause a frictionless fault

Just enough to glue the walls

A pure flow

From the earth within

That Stroke the pulse

To alternating degrees

The limbs and arms grew weak

Having frozen in the spree

Mouth agape

Gaping wide.

The faults are massive

They move inside the earth below

Reigning sovereignty

Thrusting that mighty core

That the earth would moan

A generous bond

As hands were clasped

Chanting to natures tune.

While the tremor ensued.

About the author

Esther Ogina

A speck of gold
Is a burst of cold
Desires and wants that drys out wisdom

But with Essy essence be sure to stay calm

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