Education a tool to change the society

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Education is defined as a tool that can be used to change the society.Nelson Mandela wisely describes it as the tool and the only tool.The expectation is therefore that education should change the mannerisms,behaviour,rationality and to be general the mental functionability of an individual.The social,political and economic perspective of an individual is hence enhanced.The political dynamics of this country is at a stage that needs the elite group to rise up beyond their tribal understandings of themselves.The rate at which we are tribally tied makes you wonder whether we have elites,whether we have subjects like history,governance in our curriculum.The aim of education is to make you nationalistic.Kenyans of high positions including Vice chancellors alligning themselves to a specific politician because of their tribe is a concern.Who bewitched us?The spirit of Julius Nyerere went with him to the grave,we are doomed and its simple tribalism is killing us.We must wake up to save the image of intelectuals.The dream is real

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Edwin Odipo

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